• rroxio

    Energia. Ao contrário do Fabrício, optei por captar a energia na sua fonte, num meio natural. Numa foto de composição minimalista a nível de elementos gráficos, tentei ilustrar o conceito de uma forma elegante.

  • Ricardo’s photograph is a very powerful image and picks on the Energy aspect of my previous image in a quite original take.

    I tend to disagree with his analysis which labels his photograph as simple in terms of composition. It may be composed of just few discernible objects. Yet, upon close scrutiny, one can see the wealth of details hidden in the first of the three layers and also in the clouds in the far-most layer.

    In the first layer, the silhouette of pitch black trees against a brighter background seems to me as removed from Rene Magritte’s series of paintings the Empire of light. If you are not familiar with Magritte’s work see an example below to better understand where my comment is coming from. Living in Brussels as I do (which was the home town of Rene Magritte) I will work on this subject for my answer to Ricardo’s image.