About the project Dialogue in Photography…

DialogueIn.Photography is an artistic visual dialogue using photography, between two Portuguese friends: Fabrício Santos and Ricardo Rocio.

In turns, each of the photographers creates a photographic image inspired by the previous one. Sometimes the inspiration is visual but many times it isn't. For this reason we always comment on the images and explain the idea behind any given follow up photograph.

There is no set frequency or schedule for posting images. At several occasions we have seen two posts on the same day - this normally happens when whoever is responding to the previous image has a strong gut feeling about the current photograph, but we have also had almost 3 month long periods of time between posts. In short, it's a slow photography project.

But if you really must know, we started this dialogue in January 2016 and In July 2018 we had 112 images, which makes an average of less than one image per week, or 0.83 to be precise. But who cares? Not me!!! 🙂

For some visual consistency we have set ourselves two restrictions: the square format and the use of black and white with some light toning possible. We allow composite images (aka. photo-shopped) and there is no restriction on subject matter.

DialogueIn.Photography was an idea by Fabrício, one of the two friends working on this project. But, as usual, ideas don't pop from the void and were based on other ideas. Here is how it came about:

During the year of 2015, worldwide renowned photographer Joel Meyerowitz ran a year long blog where he posted one or more pictures per day. These photographs were taken one year before to the date of each post. Dialogue In Photography has nothing to do with this though... 🙂

At a few points during his year-long exercise, Joel showed images from another daily project which he had been working on for a couple of years with his partner Maggie. This other project consisted in drawing a line across a page of white paper and the next day the other person would pick at the point the last line ended and would do the same thing. The line could be anything from a straight line to a maze curve around the page. Here is the last image of the project in December 2015. Anything would go as long as it would start at the same point where the previous line ended and would end on the opposite side of the paper.

Since the first post covering this project Fabrício fell in love with the idea of picking up and giving continuity to the work of the previous drawer and, for a long time, (about one year actually) his mind was thinking of ways to subvert this idea and adapt it to the photographic medium.

More or less at the same time as Joel's project was going on Fabrício found Jeff Curto, a great photography educator who created one of the oldest running podcasts on photography - Camera position, a podcast about the creative side of photography - and a series of other photography podcasts and history of photography class recordings. He consumed it all! Until then Fabrício had exclusively been doing street photography for almost 20 years. By the end of it his brain was on fire with all the new ideas that had sipped in and he just wanted to try them all out.

It was the conjunction of these two simultaneous events that led Fabrício to create Dialogue In Photography. He quickly found Ricardo, a old time friend photographer, to be his "talking" partner and the rest is (visual) history. 🙂


When asked to describe himself as a photographer Ricardo said he likes to do photography on his free time.

But he takes it a bit further than that. Ricardo is Portuguese, based in Braga, and although he has done many styles of photography he likes nature and night photography the most.

You may see here some of his work on night photography and on nature photography


Fabrício is a Portuguese street photographer based in Brussels, Belgium.

He started making street photography in 1996 and ever since has been documenting humanity in his neck of the woods, wherever that might be at any given moment in time.

Without stopping his street photography work, in 2016, with the project DialogueIn.Photography, Fabrício started venturing to other fields of photography.

Besides his work on DialogueIn.Photography, you may also see here his street photography work.

For as much as we are doing this for our own leisure and pleasure, we surely hope you enjoy this dialogue and we invite you to join it by commenting under each image. To do so we invite you to register so you will get updates by email when a new photograph is created. Alternatively you may also follow us on Instagram: @dialoguein.photography

Fabrício Santos - January 25th 2016 (revised August 14th 2018)