• rroxio

    Jardim surreal. Uma abordagem ligeiramente – apenas ligeiramente – diferente da abordagem de surrealismo, movimento e reflexos do Fabrício.

  • There are several aspects that I like in this image. For instance I like the arc formed by the tree tops, going up from left to right until the middle of the image and then down again. I also like the layers of light: dark at the bottom, then bright below the trees and again dark in the sky. I specially like the gradient of bright to dark behind the trees.

    I wouldn’t be able to hang this image on my home walls though; I’m generally a positive and joyful person and the blurred trees and waving water, even if well achieved, lend a very dark aura to this photograph that makes me feel a rather high level of discomfort.

    Discomfort will be my next subject. Wish me luck! 🙂