• I have passed in front of this gate many times and every one of them I have gazed at it with an awe of amazement. I believe the design of the iron work is inspired in the Art nouveau movement that I described in my last comment to Ricardo’s photograph, but it is not from the period of Horta. In any case I find it to be a splendid example of the style.

    Although not explicitly using nature elements like the plants and insects that I had mentioned, it includes lines that relate very much to the kingdom of plants. While some of the lines seem like flower stems, others look like tree leaves and one of them looks like a branch that gave in to its own weight.

    I decided to include just a small section of the gate structure in my photograph. But for the curious, please find below another section that I also took as an alternative but eventually did not use.

    • rroxio

      Deveras curiosa a composição do portão, onde predominam linhas de formato curvilíneo. Será este o tema da minha próxima foto.