• rroxio


    Em alguns aspectos os nossos pontos de vista não diferem nem um grau. Em sinal de solidariedade, deixo também a minha homenagem às vitimas dos trágicos atentados de Bruxelas.

  • This is a great response to my previous photograph. The placement of the candles beautifully mimiques the flower in my image and the view to the outside is really gorgeous. The street lamp seems like taken from a different era and the light is very good and well balanced.

    Ever since I saw the photograph below by Portuguese photographer Paulo Nozolino in the mid 1990s I have loved photographs with a view from inside to outside. But since I never explored this idea myself I believe I will now take the chance to do it and my next photograph will be made from the inside of a closed location to its outside through a window, door or other kind of opening.