• My old fashioned street lamp is set in a fictional world where time travel has just happened. In the future I will invent a time travelling device. Unlike popular knowledge dictates, it is not a machine because it involves both mechanical and electronic elements as well as a few biological components. I could go on a long dissertation explaining its inner workings but that would be out of scope for this blog and so I’ll have to pass on it… 🙂

    Anyway, long story short, in the future I will invent a time “machine” and then I will travel back 5 minutes in time. At that point, I and my five minutes before self, both hop on the device and go back to the point in time when, sitting on a bench overseeing a wonderful night landscape, I first drafted the time travelling idea in my mind. We went back to convince myself that the idea wasn’t just a mad man’s delusion and that I should develop it further… 🙂

    So, it’s either that or… Photoshop is a wonderful thing!!! 😉

  • Ishen Ishen

    Romantic yet mysterious

  • rroxio

    Estou completamente convencido que a descrição desta foto #26 foi feita imediatamente após a captura da foto #22… Terá mesmo o Fabrício descoberto a máquina do tempo? 😀