• Remember when I wrote “work” inside double quotes in my comment to Ricardo’s latest image? The quotes meant to say I wasn’t really going to work much because I already had done it before his picture was made… 🙂 In great anticipation and appealing to my time travelling experiences on image #26, I managed to do it and this image has been indeed made earlier in the same day he did his. 🙂

    Anyway, about the image now. Three was the theme and you can find it in my images at several occurrences: the three sections of each window, the three large steps on each side of the steps, the three vertical iron bars supporting the hand rails, the three flower pots on the right-side window sill and finally the three ghosts walking down the stairs. They told me they were going to the location where Ricardo took his picture to sit on the benches but they got detoured on the way and when they got there he was already gone… 🙂

  • rroxio

    Um fantasma pode ser muita coisa. Uma pessoa, um navio ou… ou assim que terminar o trabalho, chegar a casa e pegar na máquina, já falamos 🙂