• rroxio

    Tão obvia é a conexão desta minha foto com a foto anterior do Fabrício que acho que nem vale a pena menciona-la… mas para o caso improvável de alguém não conseguir lá chegar, por favor avisem 🙂

  • Finally after more than 120 hours of hard thinking and 120 more fighting a flu and another 60 more of recovery, I think I figured it out… The connection point between my last photograph and Ricardo’s image is that he exposed his camera sensor during 120 seconds… 🙂 Oh well… Thank you Hugo (common friend) for that. 🙂

    But out of jokes, I was ill for over a week and couldn’t follow up on the project as quickly as I wanted. I like this landscape a lot and I actually knew from the moment I looked at it what I wanted to do next but it took me a while to get there.

    When I first looked at Ricardo’s photograph I imagined a comb. The first plan shore line shows all these small “canyons” formed by the retreating water and those lines reminded me of a comb’s teeth and this is what I will work on.