• rroxio

    Raio, a minha foto também ficou desfocada! Mas vou carregar na mesma, pode ser que ninguém note… O:-)

  • Ricardo is the kind of photographer who will never show a technically imperfect image, even on purpose. So, one should be suspicious when he says his photograph was a miss… While keeping this in mind, and upon closer inspection, one may clearly see that the branches and leafs on the right top corner of the image are perfectly sharp and in focus. In short, his photograph was sheer mockery of my out of focus photograph #62. Anyway, for my next image I am planning to work on one of these three things:

    – A bridge (already did but decided not to keep it; see it below),
    – the shape of the space under the bridge which, with its reflection, resembles a mask and a set of eyes.
    – Or, more generally, reflections.

    For now, while you wait, enjoy my bridge…