• This one took a while… Sorry for the long wait but, contrary to popular believe, it doesn’t rain that much in Brussels. From the moment I saw Ricardo’s last photograph I had this image in my mind. But I was waiting for the rain to come. And in the end, it didn’t… Or at least not in the amount or direction that I needed it… :-/ So, this evening I made it happen; yes, there are ways… O:-)

    This photograph shows the view from my day-job office window in the evening. For almost three weeks I had been waiting for the rain to the point that I started complaining about the lack of it to my work colleagues. As they asked why, I would explain: I would like to take a picture of the big building on the next block, why they would ask, it’s ugly they would say. I could see beauty in it and I hope it is visible in this image. I still decided to call it the monster in honour of all those who cannot see beauty in the ugly. 🙂

  • rroxio

    Por vezes o seguimento das minhas fotos não é exactamente visual. O título “O monstro” que o Fabrício escolheu para a sua foto fez-me logo lembrar “A bela e o monstro”. O seguimento da minha foto será “A bela”, o que quer que daí saia…