• Serenity and tranquillity are feelings that spring up when I look at this photograph. The smoothness of the water broken only by the gentleness of the sharp angled V leading the viewers eye to the duck are to me nothing but a perfect moment and sight and its memory helps me calm down from the daily stress inherent to living in a big city like Brussels.

    I will nevertheless not pick on what I felt to respond to this photograph. Instead I will go on the easy path and will interpret one… or more… or all of the three visual aspects/objects present in it: the duck, the water and the V shape (triangle).

    I don’t think I will be working on the water as a main subject.

    Today I was working on the duck theme but triangles are very interesting forms to explore and I want to try and work on them in the following days. Meanwhile take a look at the below image by Eugene Atget, which is full of them. 🙂