• And triangles it was… 🙂

    I came across this scene this morning while walking with my daughter to her paediatrician. The scene’s geometry got stuck in my head the whole day and in the evening I returned to the location to shoot it.

    The triangles are not very prominent, nor need they be, but the multitude of horizontal and vertical lines and the symmetry of the set surely makes up for it.

    For the record, I had already prepared another photograph that I absolutely love: my daughter in the bath playing with her toys. But, in the end, I decided for the above image.

    The image in the tub (see below) actually has all three subjects I identified in Ricardo’s picture: the duck, the triangles (the lower right side tiles and tub frame with the edges of the photograph) and as a bonus the water, which I had decided from the start not to work on as a main subject and is very implicit.

    One thing I really think comes out very well in the composition of the tub image is the outer most toys gently touching the edges of the frame and creating a line with the other toys that holds the image together.

    • rroxio

      Uma cena urbana, marcada pelos padrões rectangulares, horizontais e verticais, quebrada por dois padrões triangulares, que estabelecem a conexão à foto anterior. Embora pequenos, estes dois pequenos triângulos invocam uma mensagem forte: ENERGIA.