• rroxio

    Roubar é feio. Muito feio! Reinterpretar o trabalho dos outros, dando-lhe um novo significado, completamente distinto, já não 😉

    O Fabrício diz que os nossos pontos de vista diferem apenas uns poucos graus. Eu diria que são diametralmente opostos. Onde o Fabrício olha e vê troncos e ramos, eu olho e vejo raízes.

  • Hum… I have been looking at Ricardo’s image for 6 days already and I still do not know on what to do of it for my next submission. Maybe it is the fact that he used (and abused 🙂 my last photograph to produce his image but I am stuck and no strong idea is popping up to me. But I will eventually come up with something. Meawhile, while you wait, head on to image #6 (https://dialoguein.photography/2016/01/30/6/) that I have replaced with a new version because the original one was a real piece of crap. 🙂

    • I have conferenced with my wife and two ideas popped up: hair and spider webs… I’ll probably go for hair mostly because the season for outdoor spider webs is not there yet and our cleaning lady does a quite good job at busting them indoors… 🙂

      • This is getting really silly but hair isn’t going to work for me… 🙁 I’ll go for chaos instead and have already pre-imagined my photograph. So, now I only need to execute it… But unfortunately will not be able to do so before the weekend. I want to take it at night but my wife is away this week and with a small 2 year old at home it is difficult to just leave. 🙂 Meanwhile here is something to keep you entertained.