• Chaos, that’s the final thought that stuck to my head with the last image from Ricardo. It took me almost a week to get there.

    I passed at this location on the way to my daughter’s kindergarten two weeks ago – a few days before choosing the theme of chaos – and when the theme popped up I immediately thought of this scene and last night I went back to the location and made this photograph. The scene was very dark and it took a 27 minutes exposure to get a good result.

    This place is supposedly a common vegetable garden where anyone can come and work a bit of land but it seemed as closed and abandoned as possible. The fence protecting it from the road side was so packed with bushes and their branches that it took me almost 10 minutes to clear a small spot to put the lens and get a good angle.

    The image itself depicts a very confusing scene. On its own it would probably be very difficult to digest and accept it but I think it does make a lot of sense when it is placed in the context of the chosen theme: chaos. It shows a myriad of seemingly unrelated elements, divergent, convergent and crossed lines lines of many different lengths and thickness, the night light lends it a gloomy mood that in my opinion help accentuate the chaotic nature of the image and finally there is no strong element to catch one’s eye and come to rest a bit; the definition of chaos per se.

    • rroxio

      O que me atraiu imediatamente a atenção nesta foto do Fabrício foi forma circular da roda raiada. Este vai ser o ponto de contacto para a minha próxima foto.