• No matter what you may think of the current geopolitical situation generated by the creation of the state of Israel and its subsequent denial by its neighbours, one must agree that the Jewish religion was the foundation on which the western world has developed its culture and values. Christianisme was created from Judaism and most of the population of the western world has adopted the first as its religion. I am a non religious person, yet I still find great wisdom and insight in many of the stories and lessons Judaism has to offer us. One being: it’s not because you are small that you cannot win; like David did when he fought and won his battle against Goliath. Therefore this picture is a celebration of our cultural roots and also to the people of Israel: the Jewish people.

  • rroxio

    Olhando para a foto torna-se obvio qual será o tema da minha próxima foto: Síbolo. Sobre o quê é o que irei pensar nos próximos dias.