• I decided to work on the theme fire. Fire has been humanity’s companion since its early days of development as an intelligent species. Most of its uses are practical: it started as a powerful deterrent against predators, which were afraid of it, as well as a means to keep warm and lighten the dark. Later it was used to prepare food, bake bricks to make homes and unfortunately to make weapons and war. It is used for religious and pagan celebrations, during vigils or as a symbol as is the case of the Olympic flame, which is ignited at the town of Olympia in Greece, a town not geographically at the site of mount Olympus – fire’s “original” source, but which carries a name derived from it and thus its strength. It is also present in the arts. From fireworks to a fire eater in a circus its uses are vast. Today though, I visited the Bozar Museum in Brussels where I saw an exhibition by the late Yves Kline who, among many daring techniques of expression developed what he called painting with fire. This photograph is a still from a documentary video being projected at the exhibition where he is seen using this technique.

  • rroxio

    Para mim a foto do Fabrício não invoca fogo. Tudo o que consigo ver é uma foto sub-exposta de uma queda de água, em que apenas algum detalhe da água é visível. Água é o que necessitamos com grande urgência em Portugal, numa altura em que a quantidade imensa de fogos que assolam o país, desvastando florestas, populações, e pessoas, deixam para trás um Portugal mais pobre.