• rroxio

    Esta foto é uma homenagem às pessoas que dia e noite, no topo das montanhas, vigiam o território e identificam os focos de incêndio, para permitir o seu combate mais eficiente. Bem hajam!

  • Wild fires are indeed a big problem in Portugal. Every year thousands of hectares are lost to them. This year, at the end of July statistics were spelling a disastrous balance where in Portugal, a country that makes less than 2% of the area of the EU, the area of forests devastated by wildfires was one third of the total burned are in the entire Union… With numbers like this one can easily assert that something is fundamentally wrong. 🙁

    In view of these facts I have decided to take up a similar subject to Ricardo and will work on Firefighting. And the good news is the image will probably be uploaded this evening… 🙂